Julia Roberts: another awesome lady who wants to age gracefully

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIn an age when everyone from Nicole Kidman to Megan Fox to Nicolas Cage has an eerily unnatural and wrinkle-free face, we always love it when celebs age gracefully. A few months ago, Drew Barrymore claimed she's rather look like a basset hound than get Botox (hilarious!), and "Eat, Pray, Love" star Julia Roberts couldn't agree more.

"I want my kids to know when I'm pissed, when I'm happy and when I'm confounded," the 42-year-old actress told Elle. "Your face tells a story and it shouldn't be a story about your drive to the doctor's office." She also said she wishes that women wouldn't succumb to unrealistic pressure to maintain their youth. "It's unfortunate that we live in such a panicked, dysmorphic society where women don't even give themselves a chance to see what they'll look like as older persons. I want to have some idea of what I'll look like before I start cleaning the slates."

Bravo, Julia! I've always had a soft spot for Roberts- long before being dubbed 'America's sweetheart' she starred in "Mystic Pizza," a movie about my little home town. I love that she has not only grown into a mega-successful actress with many accolades under her belt, but also a nurturing mother of three who actively avoids the whole glitzy Hollywood scene whenever possible. The fact that she refuses to inject and staple her face like most famous women her age gives her bonus points in my book.

Her natural looks aren't too shabby either! Roberts has recently become the new face of Lancome cosmetics and landed the cover of People's 2010 Most Beautiful issue for the forth time. Here's to more women following Julia's example of aging gracefully, the natural way. [Elle]