Just what we need: Ch'Arms arm Spanx

Yay! Just in time for the holidays... the clingy, stretchy item we've all been waiting for: Ch'Arms! They're like Spanx for your arms.

Yes, many of us do suffer from a little bit of that under-arm jiggle, and surely we have felt some pressure to tone it up in recent years what with Michelle Obama's well-toned arms and the Shake Weight thrown at us during every TV commercial break. But is a mega-tight long sleeve tee that squishes and compacts our arm fat the answer, or should we, you know, put down the pumpkin pie and pick up some dumbbells?

For those truly interested in Ch'Arms, you can thank actress Kathy Najimy. She's been hawking the boobless shirts on HSN for $29.90. They very well might smooth out the lumps and bumps under clingy sleeves, but imagine stripping down in front of a guy with this on. It's got to be much more embarrassing and confusing than being caught wearing regular waist-cinching Spanx.

How long do you think it will be until we relent to covering ourselves in a head-to-toe stretchy Spanx bodysuit? Would you wear Ch'Arms?

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