Justin Bieber Gets Confessional in His New Track "Change Me"

by Casey Lewis

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Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot lately. Some of it is awesome (rad music! upcoming blockbuster! so many selfies!), and some of it is, well, not. But on his brand-new track, "Change Me," JB gets candid about, in his words, making all his wrongs right. That's why he's compared his #MusicMondays series to a personal diary: Because the lyrics have a certain sincerity that his previous hits don't. (For instance, he's totally singing about his real-life broken heart in "Bad Day," proving that even super famous stars get the sads!)

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Less sad-though no less repeat-worthy-is today's release. With a minimal piano melody, it's unplugged and lo-fi-sorta along the lines of the previously-released "PYD," except the words won't make you blush. And it's worth mentioning that the guy is, as far as we can tell, totally single, so when he croons, "Maybe you could change me / Maybe you could be the light / That opens up my eyes," he's probably singing about someone he's never even met. Speaking of, is he coming through your town on his tour soon? Because, well...just sayin'.

Next week is the very last installment of #MusicMondays, but don't fret-in a few weeks, Believe hits theaters and the only thing better than new Bieber in your headphones is new Bieber on the big screen. If you haven't, watch the trailer. It's adorable.

Listen to Change Me

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