Justin Bieber Sparks a New Dance Craze Called the 'Lolly'

by Casey Lewis

Courtesy of YouTubeCourtesy of YouTube
What's an even bigger deal than Justin Bieber's rap verse on Maejor Ali's new track with Juicy J? The dance he debuted with it. We've always known Biebs can break it down with the best of 'em, but the "lolly dance," as it's been dubbed, is a big departure from his usual Michael Jackson-inspired routine.

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Nick DeMoura, who was JB's backup dancer before breaking out as a professional choreographer, is the guy behind the moves, and he's very helpfully filmed a tutorial of how you can do them, too. And for those with two left feet, fear not-there's no fancy footwork involved, just a bunch of reliably swag arm movements.

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We can't promise you'll be as good as Justin Bieber, but if you don the very on-trend tie-dye tank he wears in the music video, you'll be that much closer.

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