Kanye West’s $180,000 watch has his face on the face

TiretTiretThough watches are becoming obsolete, a designer watch is still considered a status symbol. But if you're a wealthy egomanic Kanye West, a standard Rolex or Cartier isn't good enough. No. You need something more unique. More extravagant. More absurd. And much more expensive. You need a watch... with your own face on it!

Kanye commissioned this one-of-a-kind watch from Tiret, who claims it took them over five months to create. The gold watch features a gold-toned mother of pearl face with a combination of white, yellow, brown, and black diamonds. Large diamonds circle around the bezel as well, adding to the total of about 8 carats of diamonds.

The price of such an accessory: $180,000. The price of having your face on your watch face: priceless.

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