Kardashians Go Topless for Jeans Ad & Leave Us Bewildered

kardashian kollection jeanskardashian kollection jeansHave you heard of Sears' Kardashian Kollection -- the clothing line designed by inspired by the Kardashians? It had toungues wagging this fall when the sisters came out with their smokin' lingerie line. If you're promoting your undies it makes sense to pose in your undies, right?

Okay, so what about jeans? The Kollection (ooh, it hurts every time I write that) has added a new denim line -- just for curvy women like the Kardashian gals. Yay! And what do you wear to promote that line? Jeans, of course! And, apparently, nothing else. Yes, the Kardashians have posed topless. For Sears.

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Okay, when we said a few months ago that this isn't your momma's Sears that was one thing. I mean, whatever, lingerie. I guess. For a lark. Why not? But posing topless for a line of jeans at Sears? I don't know if I can take that leap with the K-sisters.

First of all, who is that image going to appeal to? Dudes, that's who. And who's going to buy those jeans? NOT dudes. So why appeal to them?

I think -- and maybe I'm way off here, I'm sure you'll let me know if I am -- Kardashian fans love the girls with their clothes on. Seeing half nakey at Sears, where you buy lawn mowers and motor oil, is just going to be weird. What if you're there with your kids, and they're like, "Mom, why did those ladies forget to wear shirts?"

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Then again, this is so Kardashian. Why promote your sexy, mass-market clothing line the regular, tasteful way? That's not what they're about! Stir up some controversy, be provocative, raise some pulses -- that's what they do! So I guess this is consistent with their brand. But it's still kind of silly.

Do you think it was a good idea for the Kardashians to pose topless for their new jeans line, or is that too much?

Image via SearsStyle.com

Written by Adriana Velez for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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