Kate Middleton on the Cover of Marie Claire … Kinda

The August issue of "Marie Claire" South Africa is making us do a double take. None other than Kate Middleton appears on the cover wearing a South African designer dress. Wait, what? Nobody can score the Duchess for a magazine cover. What kind of strings did they have to pull to get Kate on board? None apparently, because this cover is courtesy of an illustration.

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Were you fooled? We admit, this thing looked totally legit at first, until we got a closer look and saw the pencil strokes around Middleton's hair. Other than that, this looks like the real deal. We have to hand it to whoever mocked up the cover for having some major drawing skills (and guts). But, isn't this kind of shady? It makes it look like "Marie Claire" SA snagged Kate Middleton -- who is pretty much the most coveted celebrity for any woman's magazine -- for their cover, when they really didn't.

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The magazine is saying that the cover is a "fan art tribute" to Kate Middleton, as opposed to a blatant attempt to sell issues. Sure, it's kind of a genius move; "Marie Claire" SA may not actually score the real Kate Middleton for the cover, but thanks to an illustration they can get the next best thing. But it's also pretty misleading, and what about Kate Middleton herself? Doesn't the Duchess have any say as to what cover she graces?

What do you think? Is this "Marie Claire" cover creative or sketchy?

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