Kate Middleton matches dress colors with Queen in rare outing

Duchess Catherine, Duchess Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth all dressed in blueDuchess Catherine, Duchess Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth all dressed in blueThe Duchess of Cambridge had a ladies day out with grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth and stepmother-in-law Duchess Camilla of Cornwall. On Thursday, the three women took the Queen's Bentley to London's Fortnum & Mason department store and each wore various shades of blue.

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Duchess Catherine wore a fall-winter 2010 Missoni coat pinned with two small daffodils (a Welsh national emblem) in honor of St. David's Day. Queen Elizabeth wore a pale blue skirt suit by Angela Kelly, while Duchess Camilla was dressed in a navy striped crepe coat by a favorite royal designer, Bruce Oldfield.

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According to AP, Kate Middleton has rarely made a public appearance with the Queen without Prince William at her side, but the outing was part of the Diamond Jubilee schedule, celebrating the Queen's 60th year on the throne. First on the day's agenda was a plaque unveiling ceremony for the restoration of Piccadilly. An inside source told US Weekly, "Kate was standing by Camilla the whole time, making sure not to get in the way of the Queen. She seemed a little quieter than usual, taking lead from Camilla the whole time."

Duchess Camilla and Duchess Catherine sample sweets at London's Fortnum & MasonDuchess Camilla and Duchess Catherine sample sweets at London's Fortnum & MasonIn honor of the Queen's anniversary, Fortnum & Mason renamed their newly renovated restaurant The Diamond Jubilee Tea Station. The royal trio were given a tour of the store, sampled the famous teas at a party with 150 staff members, and were presented with gift baskets containing champagne truffles and gourmet dog biscuits. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will surely be spoiling their new black Cocker Spaniel, Lupo, with the doggie treats.

The royal women admire a Diamond Jubilee-themed cakeThe royal women admire a Diamond Jubilee-themed cakeAn inside source at the shop told US Weekly that Prince Charles' wife Camilla enjoyed the jelly beans, exclaiming, "What a treat!" Queen Elizabeth checked out a Diamond Jubilee-themed iced cake, but didn't indulge in any sweets during the visit. Middleton, however, made a beeline for the chocolate counter in the food hall, which she referred to as "the naughty counter." Supposedly she told staff members, "Oh, I love chocolate. Yes. I think most girls like chocolate." We'd have to agree.

Check out video footage of the royal trip to Fortnum & Mason below.

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