Kate Middleton Knows How to Dress Her Baby Bump

By Lexi Nisita, Refinery29

.Maternity dressing is hard. First off, you're dealing with a lot of obstacles, many of which are more serious than picking out a cute outfit - from nausea in the mornings to cravings all day, and trying to juggle a normal life in between, moms-to-be tend to have a lot going on. Some of them, like Kate Middleton are lucky enough to have teams of stylists, personal shoppers, royal hair-brushers, and all manner of other helpers to assist with looking cute. So, that helps.

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But until now, those many helpers have decided to keep Kate under wraps. As much as tabloids have been craving a good look at her bump, they haven't gotten it, as the Duchess has chosen to use this opportunity to bring out her collection of prim, ladylike coats. But today, she stepped out sans-jacket in a lovely floral-print dress, baby body on display. Rather than go all OMG, she's so pregs!, we're just going to say this: She, or whomever picked that dress, knows what they're doing! It's just the right fit, not hiding her body but not so tight that she looks uncomfortable. Why, it almost looks as if it was tailored specifically for her! (Oh wait - it probably was.) Way to go, Team Kate. She looks happy, healthy, and comfortable with her bod. A royal win in our book.

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