Kate Middleton may wear two wedding dresses... by Bruce Oldfield?

Wire ImageWire ImageAs the royal wedding obsession continues, there has been much speculation about which designer will design Kate Middleton's gown. British outfitter Bruce Oldfield appears to be the front-runner, and he's now talking to the press about her potential dress. Or should we say dresses.

Oldfield was a guest on "Good Morning America" last week, and while he did not confirm to be designing Middleton's wedding day attire, he seemed to know a lot of inside information. "There will be two dresses," said Oldfield. He said she'll wear a more modest, conservative dress walking down the aisle, and switch into something more fun for the evening reception. "It will have sleeves," added Oldfield. "It has to have sleeves. You can't walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress. It has to suit the grandeur of the aisle."

As for accessories, Oldfield had more specifics on what Middleton will wear for her nuptials. "I can predict she will wear a veil. That, to me, was the most poignant part of (Princess) Diana's wedding. As she was walking down the aisle, her eyes were going to the right and left, looking at people and smiling. That was great." Oldfield kept quiet about the bride-to-be's second dress. "You know the rules," he said. According to Buckingham Palace, Middleton has chosen her wedding dress designer, but wants to keep it a secret until the big event on April 29.

Oldfield could very well be the man behind the gowns. A few weeks ago Middleton's mother, Carolem and sister, Pippa, were seen shopping in his boutique. The designer also admitted that he has been commissioned to dress several wedding guests. "We've already got three or four nice ones," he said. For anyone looking to know more, Oldfield playfully suggested that people should camp outside the palace and spy.

The more little teasers we get, the more we can't wait to see what Middleton will actually wear! The suspense is killing us.

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