Kate Middleton Post-Baby is Already Skinnier Than You

Josh Duboff

Kate Middleton has been spotted in the wild once again. Not seen since she stepped out the day after giving birth (in the blue-and-white polka-dotted Jenny Packham dress that, if you're anything like us, has been seared into your brain ever since), Kate was photographed shopping at her local Waitrose supermarket in Anglesey, Wales yesterday.

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Unsurprisingly, Kate looked impossibly well put-together in casual, nautical-y attire, evoking an almost Hepurnian vibe (exhibit A proving Audrey's sartorial influence). More surprising, we suppose (though, considering her clearly alien genetics, maybe it's not that shocking), she appears to already be back to her pre-baby weight.

"She's hardly done anything to lose the weight. . . She looks incredible," a "Middleton source" told Us Weekly. "Kate's still breastfeeding and the small weight she gained while pregnant has just melted off. She's not dieting. After giving birth, she did continue with her yoga."

Yes, that's right, not only does she look as slim as ever, it just kind of happened without her even having to try. A fairy tale, indeed.

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