Kate Middleton will do her own wedding makeup

Kate Middleton did her makeup for this engagement photo. By Getty ImagesKate Middleton did her makeup for this engagement photo. By Getty ImagesMany women are dying to achieve Kate Middleton's look, so would you believe the princess-to-be actually does her own makeup? She's apparently very skilled at applying cosmetics, and FashionEtc reports that she was so unhappy with the makeup professionals applied for her engagement portraits that she washed her face and reapplied it herself. Impressive!

Middleton doesn't want anyone screwing up her face on her big day, so she is planning to do her own wedding makeup. Seriously?! With 1,900 guests in attendance and approximately two billion people tuning in to watch, wouldn't you want your wedding makeup to be absolutely perfect? FashionEtc says she took private classes with makeup artist Arabella Preston to ensure she could nail the look herself, but we're not sure that's enough!

We appreciate that Kate is taking on such a DIY approach, but with so many photos taken on your wedding day, why not enlist some on-hand professionals? Especially if you're going to be royalty and can certainly afford some high caliber experts?

Married ladies: did you do your own makeup for your wedding, or did you have a friend or makeup artist help?

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