Kate Moss goes prematurely grey with grey hair dye

APAPOh no! Kate Moss has grey hair! What a bad dye job! That's what the media was saying earlier this morning when photos of the 36-year-old supermodel at the launch of her Longchamp bags surfaced on our side of the pond. Plenty of women start going grey by her age, but we suspected that a celebrity of her caliber would not be so sloppy with her highlights. Well, it turns out we were right: Kate Moss has had strips of her hair dyed grey deliberately.

Back in December we read articles about how young women like Pixie Geldof were trading in their platinum hair for a greyish silver, but we didn't believe it was a trend. Now that Kate Moss as adopted the look, we're sure imitators will follow.

Sure, highlights mixed with natural grey hair may be a great way to transition your hair as you age, but do women want to willingly go grey before they have to? [Daily Mail][The Cut]