Kate Upton Can Daddy Dance: How Graphic is It? Nicole Russin, Aka. Richárde, Demonstrates It, Um, Clothed

What was the big deal about Guess model Kate Upton's little dance in her Sports Illustrated cover outfit, dancing the night away? Was it the "hood" aspect on a white girl? The bikini, as big as a "dental floss string," some have said?

Always the only girl in my school's class clown lineup, I demonstrate the ill perceived dance - or popular as the single file on your laptop, whichever - in full T-shirt and jeans, minus the background music. This is how Kate Upton would've rolled with it in 1949, my blokes. Yeah, I just called you blokes like I'm not from the Midwest for an added effect.

As you can see, it may be nothing at all but what we suspect making the dance every so awfully viral, hmmm? Granted, I do modeling when I don't do my chef work, and I have done what is known as "beauty," basically the hair and makeup stuff you see. You may have taken my updo photo in for your wedding look. Who knows. All I know? I need to get a bikini on to make this work, sadly!