Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise oversee design of Scientology clothes

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIn perhaps the oddest fashion news of the day, bloggers are all abuzz about a Saturday Daily Mail story announcing the creative partnership of Mr. and Mrs. Cruise. It seems the couple, both serious Scientologists, were tapped to oversee production for a line of new uniforms for the Church, and are offering their input and giving style insight to designer Richard Tyler.

This information made us wonder: Do scientologists really wear uniforms? Why? Is it like a nun's habit? A man of the cloth's robe? Do they wear them only in church? Or do they wear them out and about, Hare Krishna-style? Does a whole family wear the uniforms or just the adults? Are they for special occasions? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Our confusion was only made foggier by the Mail's descriptions of the uniforms: "The scarlet-lined black capes with skirt and trouser suits are almost identical to the sort of clothes favored by Tom and Katie, if a little more vampire-themed. [The couple] gave the new designs the thumbs-up, along with church leader David Miscavige who had overall approval."

Capes?? Vampire-themed? That does not compute!

Honestly, we were expecting something more like this:

Or maybe, for no reason whatsoever except that we're immature jerks, this:
When you're fighting aliens ALL OF THE TIME, don't you need a space suit?