Kelly Ripa's not ready to kick nasty shoe habit. What won't you give up?

When Kelly Ripa hopped on stage for Live With Regis and Kelly this week, a collective gasp from foot doctors could be heard around the world. The talk show host who regularly wears super-sized Louboutins suffered a stress fracture and was relegated to crutches. But it didn't stop her from somehow forcing a pair of heels on her feet, however painful. Sure, wearing them with crutches could do even more damage to her injury, but for Ripa the shoes outweighed the risk.
Everyone's got their thing. Some people won't give up red wine even if it gives them excruciating headaches. I'm a sucker for ordering jeans online. Even though the odds of them actually fitting are 1 to 100, I so much prefer it to trying on jeans in a dressing room. Silly? Maybe, but some things you just can't help. What won't you give up, even if it's technically a bad idea?