Kim Kardashian admittedly knocks off dress, copies logo, perhaps also lacks taste

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesTwo years ago we wrote about Kim Kardashian, wondering why she was famous, and why she was already acting like a diva. Since then, she has led her family further into the spotlight, largely by way of their reality show. First Kim received loads of attention over her sex tape, and then, not to be left out, her sisters Khloe and Kourtney put their marriage and pregnancy on prominent display. While they all co-own a business, Kim has been more determined than ever to legitimize her presence in the fashion industry, and capitalize her her fame.

Kim Kardashian perfume and Korcula necklaceKim Kardashian perfume and Korcula necklaceFirst Kim Kardashian introduced a fragrance, which seemed innocent enough since every celeb on the planet now has their own perfume. But her double-K logo was stolen from a Houston jeweler called Korcula. The company's creator, Lindley Bertin, sent Kardashian a gold necklace bearing their own logo, a gold double-K symbol, as a gift back in 2008 since she thought Kim would enjoy a pendant displaying her initials. Kim was photographed wearing the necklace. But she liked Korcula's double-K so much, she decided to use the logo as her own on her perfume bottles. She even filled up gift bags with double-K swag at the Bebe/Kardashian fashion show last week. Now there is a pending lawsuit. How did Kim think she'd get away with copying someone else's work?

Wenn and AP via Coco PerezWenn and AP via Coco PerezOh. Speaking of copying. You know that dress Kim wore to her fashion show that was part of the new Bebe/Kardashian line? Well, she stole that idea too. Look at the images on the right--the one with the brown leather was seen as part of Fendi's Fall 2009 collection. Kardashian ripped off the corset and the hood, making a very similar garment. Kim took to her blog to try to talk her way out of this one. She writes:

I've seen some talk online about certain pieces 'knocking off' other designer's pieces and I'd like to share a little piece of fashion wisdom… the clothes you see in the chain stores at your mall are all inspired by designer, runway fashion!!! What stores like Bebe do is take runway fashion and use it as inspiration to create pieces that are wearable and accessible for everyone. To say any of our pieces are a knock off is like saying every item in every clothing store in your mall is a knock off.

Actually, no they're not. Sure, many designers and stores may replicate items, like, say, a leopard print top. But copying very distinctive, unique details like adding a hood to a dress, or a leather corset is not only unoriginal, it's a knock off. That's not using inspiration, that's stealing! And if Bebe, or Steve Madden, or Urban Outfitters, or anyone makes a direct copy like that, they get in trouble for it.

What we really can't seem to understand is if you're going to copy logos and designs and pretend they are your own, why even bother being a designer at all? It almost seems unfair, given all the talented people who try to make it as a designer. And the experts agree with us! When fashion consultant/Project Runway star, Tim Gunn, was asked if he supported Kardashian's Bebe line, he had one word to say: "No!" Gunn added, "I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don't think that that should be perpetuated. I'm sorry I'm sounding like an old farty snob but it bothers me." Tim, you don't sound like a farty snob, you sound like the voice of reason.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's presence in the fashion industry? Do you think she should keep on "designing" just because she can, or do you think her fragrance and clothing rip-offs should be the end of her fashion career? [Coco Perez][Coco Perez][Coco Perez][NY Mag]