Kim Kardashian Chooses Vera Wang to Design Her Wedding Dress

Fairchild ArchiveFairchild ArchivePhillip B. Crook, BRIDES

In a surprise move that came as a surprise to no one, reality star Kim Kardashian announced that her wedding gown will be designed by Vera Wang. "Vera has been a close family friend for a long time, and we had talked about this moment for years," Kim said on her blog. "When it came to picking my wedding dress designer, she was the first person I thought of. No one designs gowns the way she does!"

When Kim stopped by Wang's New York studio in June, she reportedly asked the designer's entire staff to sign confidentiality contracts-which makes it all the more odd that she made this announcement now. But come her wedding day on August 20 (and the E! special to follow), we'll finally see what the game of bridal designer hide-and-seek has been about. And it better be good!

Click here to see our favorite looks from Vera's Spring 2012 collection.

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