Kim Kardashian Keeps 90% of Charity Auction Proceeds

Kim Kardashian's charity auctions benefit her bank account more than the cause. Kim Kardashian's charity auctions benefit her bank account more than the cause. Celebrities know their used personal items can raise a lot of money, so they often auction their clothing and accessories for charity. But some sneaky stars like Kim Kardashian only enjoy doing a good deed if they can fatten up their wallets. Kim has an estimated net worth of $35 million, but if she'll find a way to gain money from her wedding and her divorce, we know profiting off charity isn't beneath her.

According to Fox News, the reality star auctioned off around $1,700 worth of items last week through eBay Giving Works. She sold a $960 Herve Leger dress, her "Dancing with the Stars" robe for $120, Christian Louboutin pumps for over $500, Balenciaga heels, and a faux fur vest. But while her listings are tagged as a "Charity Auction Supporting the Dream Foundation," she only gives 10% to the charity, the absolute minimum requirement eBay permits. She pocketed the other 90%, which was over $1,500.

Fans who noticed the small percentage donated have lashed out on Kardashian's blog. "Very nice love the shoes you should give 100% to the charity. I do ALL THE TIME it makes me feel so good," one reader said. Other comments were not as nice. "i saw 10% and i was like are you kidding me?!? it's a joke. i sell MY stuff on ebay and give 100% to charity and i'm a struggling college student, not a millionaire. come on kim."

Donating $200 to charity is nicer than not donating at all, and we wouldn't take that away from Kim Kardashian. But when other stars like Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler, Barbara Streisand, Sienna Miller, Nick Cannon, and even Charlie Sheen are donating 100% of their wares in recent charity auctions, you'd think a mega millionaire like Kardashian would be a little more generous.

Kim, we're on to your money-hungry ways. Nearly 600,000 people have signed an online petition to boycott you and everything you're a part of, so perhaps it's time contribute to society in a way that doesn't increase your bank account.

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