Kim Kardashian Makes a Super Stylish In-Vest-Ment

Kim Kardashian jean cropped vestKim Kardashian jean cropped vestI think Kim Kardashian has super powers and knows how to read my mind. I'm 100 percent serious. So what if we've never actually spoken (we did rub elbows once). Every time I start getting into a trend, there goes Kim K copping my style. Exhibit A: Kim was out and about in Los Angeles yesterday rockin' this jean crop vest. Hellooooo! Vests are so totally MY thing.

Okay, I kid. Kim, you look great in your vest! So much better than the furry vest monstrosity you wore a few months ago. This jean look is a homerun for sure.

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Answer me this: who doesn't love an item of clothing that makes them look instantaneously slimmer? I adore the curves that a vest gives me, along with the instantaneous confidence boost.

Want to feel foxy and cop my Kim Kardashian's vest look? Check out these 7 fun vests for every style:

Kohl's vestsKohl's vests

I adore this light and flowy Pelpum Vest from Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's ($33, So totally perfect for spring!

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Urban Outfitters vestsUrban Outfitters vests

Want to mimic Kim's look? Try one of these two denim vests from Urban Outfitters (left, $59, right, $69).

Macy's vestsMacy's vests

This Vintage Suzie Vest with sequins from Macy's is a fun way to bling up an outfit. My favorite part? It's on SUPER sale right now ($9.99,

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Forever 21Forever 21

It's business in the front, party in the back with both of these vests from Forever 21 (left, $22.80, right, $16.90). I love the fun lines they create.

Coldwater creekIs this looker not the ultimate must-have weekend accessory? Keep things casual with this fun and cozy Woven Detail Knit Vest ($22.99,

Are you into vests? Which one of these do you like best?

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Written by Emily Abbate for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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