Kim Kardashian Talks To Us About Her Jewelry Line (And Dishes On Her Get-Ready Secret!)

By Lauren Tardanico, Glamour magazine

We love her reality show, her outfit changes, and even her hair accessories, so it's only natural that we'd be in love with Kim Kardashian's new jewelry line Belle Noel. See it for yourself and check out what she had to say about it, after the jump!
Kim launched her 75-piece line (a collaboration with celebrity jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad that even includes hair accessories) with a party at Revolve Clothing in L.A. where one of our editors, Jen Weinberg, caught up with her:

J.W.: Your new line is such a versatile mix of statement, everyday, and evening pieces, so we've got to ask, what's the jewelry version of the LBD?

Kim: I think every girl needs to have a hoop. I love hoop earrings. You can dress them up or dress them down. I'm obsessed with them! I did studs for Belle Noel and I wear studs all the time, so that would be the staple for this line, but I think I'm pretty over the top, so a hoop would be my jewelry staple.

J.W.: Got any tips for wearing jewelry?

K.K.: Well, when I was putting this on tonight, I didn't have a blow dryer--if anything cold touches my body, I shake, so I try to blow dry jewelry before putting it on! I hate wearing jewelry when it's freezing out, but it looks so good and when I get the chills, I'll have them all day, so I have to blow dry the jewelry! Everyone knows, microphone packs and jewelry--I have to blow dry them for a few seconds and I put them on when they're warm so they warm me up too.

Who knew blow drying jewelry was such a stay-warm trick?! We also wanted to see what she was wearing from the line--turns out in addition to those fab necklaces you can see in the picture above, she stacked up these bracelets:

 From left to right: Leather Nugget Bracelet, $60; Studded Ankle Bracelet, $23 (worn as wrist bracelet); Dagger Glam Rock Bracelet, $48 From left to right: Leather Nugget Bracelet, $60; Studded Ankle Bracelet, $23 (worn as …
We're obsessed! If you want to see the full Belle Noel collection (we're crushing on the Nugget studs and bracelets), you can see it at Our favorite part? Everything retails for under $175.

So ladies, what do you think of Belle Noel jewelry? Is there a piece you're dying for? Do you agree with Kim that a stud earring is the jewelry equivalent of an LBD? What about her blow-drying trick? Would you ever do that? Discuss!

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