L’eggs Nude Pantyhose Aiming for Comeback

Some female employees working in formal offices never stopped wearing nude pantyhose, but for most of us, the sheer legwear is a distant memory, more associated with our mothers' generation, than our own. Pantyhose (literally hose with an attached panty) came on the market in 1965, timed perfectly with that decade's miniskirt craze. While nude stockings remained popular in the '70s and '80s as women increased their presence in the workplace, bare legs became an acceptable office look in the '90s, and our gams have been liberated ever since. Until now. With style icon Kate Middleton strutting in silky nylons, pantyhose are poised for a comeback and the beloved retro brand, L'eggs, (Remember them? They've been around since 1969) is jumping on the opportunity. The company has a sexy modernized campaign meant to appeal to a new generation of young women.

The latest incarnation from L'eggs makes stockings more about flattering the woman so she can look her best, which we can appreciate, but we're a little sad there's no more plastic egg container. Take a look at the ad (and some other vintage pantyhose commercials--we couldn't resist!)  below:

The new L'eggs commercial

OK, we'll admit it: pantyhose can mask leg imperfection, suck in your tummy, keep you a bit warmer, and prevent chafing. But so do opaque tights. Will ladies really want to cover up their legs with sheer nylons again? And will they (gasp) wear them with open-toed shoes?! Only time will tell. For now, let's reminisce about the pantyhose of yesteryear with some funny old commercials.

"Dallas" star Linda Gray sells pantyhose in 1975.

In 1978 gentlemen supposedly preferred Hanes pantyhose.

In 1980 you didn't want a prince to catch you with bare legs.

Joyce DeWitt! You've got a great pair of legs.

So do you, Barbara Eden.

In 1984 ladies wanted No Nonsense.

This Leg Looks ad is so '80s it hurts.

Another L'eggs ad from 1988 piles on the cheese.

Our favorite L'eggs campaign from 1989 makes wearing pantyhose look really fun.

In 1996 Hanes got the best endorsement possible: Tina Turner.

Do you think it's time to bring back the hose, or should they remain in the past?

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