Lady Gaga's Tour Demands Revealed: See the Pop Star's Absurd List of Must-Have Items

By Spencer Cain, StyleCaster

Lady Gaga Notoriously private stars always have dirty laundry, and it always comes out when they're in the midst of a lawsuit. Case in point: Lady Gaga. The world-famous pop star may seem accessible to her fans (known as her Little Monsters)-but a lot goes on behind closed doors, and it's coming out now thanks to a legal battle between Gaga and her former assistant and best friend Jennifer O'Neill.

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O'Neill is suing Gaga for about $380,000 in unpaid overtime wages, a move Gaga responded to by calling O'Neill a "hood rat" and a "disgusting human being" during her deposition. Now, thanks to the scuffle, Celebuzz managed to obtain a copy of Gaga's tour rider, which is packed with juicy details about what the superstar demands while touring.

Some highlights:
For her dressing room, Gaga requires a "glam rock" theme, with white leather couches and "her favorite fan art"-and a mannequin with "puffy pink pubic hair." We're not sure what to make of that.

Obviously, the noted whiskey lover needs her booze, so Jameson and a bottle of "good quality red wine" is required wherever she goes.

Gaga once wanted a pair of Louboutins, but she didn't want ones anyone else had. Her requirements for the design? "High-fashion goth shoes…sexy, simple…studded…leather." Sounds about right.

She likes lavender-a lot. One section of the rider reads that the pop star requires "2 large fluffy lavendar [sic] towels; 2 lavendar [sic] hand towels; 2 lavendar [sic] wash cloths, lavendar [sic] handsoap, body wash; face soap; 2 new seafoam luffas [sic]; small candle in the bathroom, fresh yellow, lavendar [sic] or white roses; and a steamer."

Most of us go with the flow when it comes to our drinking straws, but not Gaga. Her rider reads, "1 pack of long straws (must be extra long.)"

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