Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

We at Real Beauty love Halloween because it means we can try out different makeup and hair looks without being judged. But if you're not into being a bunny or a bumblebee this year, why not go as your favorite TV character? They harness some of the best makeup looks and hairstyles out there. You can even channel your inner actress and really play the role. We wanted to go as Blair Waldorf, but we had a hard time finding a friend willing to go as Dorota and tend to our every beckon call. We can't imagine why.

Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl
Even though we don't approve of her recent behavior on Gossip Girl, Little J's look is easy to create and a great opportunity to try an edgy makeup look. Start with a smoky eye and a deep red lip. You can create a quick smoky eye with a smudgeable eyeliner like MAC Greasepaint stick and lots of mascara. Then, head to the top of the Met steps where we'll be waiting with your yogurt.

Lacey Schwimmer, Dancing with the Stars
All you need is dance-tastic hair and a flirty sequin dress. Tousled, wavy locks look great while you're pirouetting all the way to the punch bowl. Part dry hair into three sections from the back. The key to holding waves is spritzing a flexible-hold hairspray all over before you start curling. When you're finished, mist on a salt spray to add texture and fullness. Bonus points for finding a guy to go as Mark Dacascos to twirl you around all night.

Joan Halloway, Mad Men
An excuse to wear a vintage 60s dress and the hair to match? We'll take it. Try a classic hairstyle like a French twist. Start with a low ponytail and twist it a few times to secure the position. Point the end of the ponytail upwards and then begin to tuck it in to the rest of your hair, working form the bottom up. Then, use bobby pins as liberally as Don Draper pours his bourbon.

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