For Last-Minute Shoppers: Definitely-Not-Boring Gift Candles

/by Jenna Rosenstein

Courtesy of Ricky'sCourtesy of Ricky's So you left your present-hunting to the last minute (again) and now you're standing on your hostess's doorstep with a Yankee Candle. There's nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that it's wholly unoriginal (though I do love the Christmas Cookie scent). So I went on the hunt for more inspired options. I found them in the RickyHome collection, which includes a line of New York City-inspired scented candles. Care to gift a whiff of Street Meat?

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Yes… Street Meat. The candles also come in scents like Banker Husband (he apparently smells like fir needles, lemon drops, and musks), Taco Tuesday (coconut, red pepper, coriander, cumin), and Drunk Brunch (white peach, pineapple, sandalwood). My personal favorite is Walk of Shame. The citrusy orange and lemon notes are balanced by Lily of the Valley, musk, and white woods--it's cheery, but not intense enough to aggravate a hangover headache. And even a vegan could appreciate Street Meat: The charcoal, whiskey, patchouli, and fir balsam notes are definitely smoky, but not nauseating.

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Of course, for a more classic option, you can't go wrong with a candle from Diptyque, Nest Fragrances, or Jo Malone. While they're more expensive than your average candle, they're also about a thousand times chicer. If raising a few eyebrows is on your holiday bucket list, though, the RickyHome candles are definitely the better choice.

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