Latest Target Fail: Plus-Size Dress Modeled by Woman With Baby Bump

Attention, Target. Plus-size does not mean pregnant. (Screenshot: has not had the best few weeks. First, customers were up in arms about a security breach (40 million credit and debit cards were affected). Then, the retailer opted out of selling Beyonce's new album, and, as a result, she made headlines by shopping for the CD at a local Wal-Mart in Massachusetts and gave away $37,000 of gift cards to shoppers). Sure, Target has had much success with cool fashion collaborations like the Phillip Lim launch back in September, but given its recent track record, Target should probably be trying to do everything right in 2014, right?

Not so fast. The ladies at Jezebel have already discovered one serious flub on Target's website. Instead of having a plus-size model show off one of Target's short-sleeve Merona maxi dresses, the site features a woman with a baby bump modeling the design. Is the store implying that a pregnant woman is plus-size? Were there really no plus-size models available, so they were forced to find an expectant mom who had extra curves? Currently on Target's site there are many plus-size dresses and maternity dresses shown on the proper respective models, so hopefully this was just an oversight.

Still, women are fuming about the mix up, and venting their frustrations on Twitter.

@claudiablb writes, "As if the term plus-size wasn't disturbing enough, now @Target things it means 'pregnant.'"

@Kerasi27 tweets, "@Target Be prepared to answer the age old question 'Are you pregnant?' with, 'No, just fat'" #Targetmarketingmorons

@illuminmari says, "1st they let someone steal ppls identity & now this"

@cherry_LA writes, "@Target plus size & maternity isn't the same! MAJOR #Targetfail!"

@CantResistCody says, "Whats going on over there @Target? Hacking, preggos in plus size clothes, no Bey album, bad gift cards.... Yall need a hug?"

Meanwhile, some shoppers are taking it all in stride:

@JL_Rigdon says, "Hey @Target, I love ya and all, but plus size and pregnant are not the same. #NowYouKnow #Duh"

@brittanyherself writes, "Hey @Target ! I am plus size AND I wear your clothes ALL the time. No actually pregnant/fake chubby girl needed! However, it is good to know this dress will accommodate my 'food' baby"

Target, which has since pulled the item from its website, has responded to angry customers with this tweet:

We're sorry for this error. Our apologies for the oversight, & please know we are working to correct the issue.

Yahoo Shine reached out to the retailer, which issued the following statement:

"We apologize for any discomfort or offense this error might have caused. As soon as we were made aware of the error, we worked to remove the image from This error was completely unintentional and the result of an unfortunate oversight. We appreciate the error being called to our attention and will work hard to ensure something like this doesn't happen again."

It may have been a simple photo mistake, but Target needs to proceed with caution. In April of last year, the brand also claimed it was simply an "oversight" when it labeled a plus-size dress color Manatee Gray.

Whether that one was someone's idea of a joke, we'll never know, but hopefully now that Target already has one misstep under its belt in the new year, it's smoother sailing from here ...

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