Lea Michele Shares Behind-the-Scenes Snaps from Her Album Cover Shoot

by Marianne Dabir

Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images

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She's become famous for her flawless covers of showtunes, classic love ballads, and pop hits on Glee, but Lea Michele is finally stepping out with her very own songs. After her heartfelt performance on last week's episode, the star singer is once again on our radar...but this time, with much happier intel-her first album is finally on the way! The proof is all over the internet (like most breaking news these days!)-last night, she teased fans with a sneak peek of her album cover shoot, and it looks awesome.

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Posing in a decidedly un-Rachel Berry-like white cutout dress and sky-high heels, Lea looks poised for pop stardom. She's also rocking a chic smoky eye, dark manicure, and voluminous tresses-if her get-up is any indication, her album's going to have an edgy, sophisticated vibe to complement those powerhouse vocals. Now if she'd just announce a release date, then we'd be really jazzed...

Courtesy of Instagram (msleamichele)

Courtesy of Instagram (msleamichele)

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