The Lighthouse and the Whaler: Lights Are On...And Somebody's Home

The Lighthouse and the WhalerFor an ambitious goal of success, it only makes sense to name your band something over the top cool like The Lighthouse and the Whaler.

Michael LoPresti, the singer, guitarist and keyboardist says they have performed everywhere. Really. "One of our favorite stories as a band is when we were invited to play in the attic of someone's house. The attic had been turned into a little performance space of sorts, complete with lights that flickered to the bass hits. It was pretty cool. The place packed out with about 50 people, and we played an acoustic version of four of our songs before heading over to the actual venue that night to play our show. It was a really cool, intimate experience for us and the people we were playing for."

"When we started off, there were just three of us and we were writing very minimalistic folk/pop music. As a few members rotated in and out and we grew from three to four, the sound got bigger- a little more expansive. Now that we finally have our solid five members, the sound has really evolved into something we're really proud of. It's much more indie-pop rather than folk, but it hasn't lost it's heart. That was really important to us in this evolution."

Of the work involved in music, he says, "I wish people were aware of how hard bands work to bring them the music they love. With the easy availability of downloading music legally and illegally, I think it is more important than ever for people to support bands, especially at their live shows. If people support the music then we as musicians will give everything we have to entertain and appreciate the opportunity we have to play music. If we can do this together, it's only going to strengthen the music industry and promote talent and art.