Lindsay Lohan's Trashy Leggings

Would you throw down a fist full of cash for these scraps of fabric?

-Carolyn French,

Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan can currently be found in Paris rubbing shoulders with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, which makes these latest shots of the 23-year-old "workaholic" all the more unbelievable.

LiLo recently took time out of her busy schedule to model her line of leggings 6126, named after her icon's birth date (in case you forgot, it's Marilyn Monroe).

One pic in particular has us burying our faces out of sheer embarrassment for the young star -- the ad that features Lindsay wrapped around a stripper pole sporting a leopard leotard and a pair of shredded leggings.

Can you believe they only run between $60 and $132?? Gee, where do we sign up … (New York Daily News)

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