Look Inside Miss Advised's Julia Allison's Pink Palace


After sharing her romantic trials and tribulations on Bravo's Miss Advised, dating columnist Julia Allison comes home to decompress at a California apartment that's unabashedly feminine. The hopeless romantic gives ELLE a peek inside her digs and shares mementos that hold a special place in her heart.

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inspiration board

My inspiration board where I pin anything that, well, inspires me, including a photo of my puppy Lilly in a Luis Vuitton dog bag when she was just six months old, a pink Valentine's Day card from my beloved late grandmother, a magazine cutout of me from Fashion Week next to my design hero, Betsey Johnson, the poodle from a skirt my mom hand-made me when I was in 2nd grade, and my favorite quote, by Eckhart Tolle: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness."


When my good friends Dave and Brit Morin got married last summer, the groom (from Montana) and the bride (from Texas) chose to have their wedding in Jackson, Wyoming and required cowboy boots. I love nothing more than a themed event, and I figured this was just an exciting opportunity for me to purchase something in my favorite hue.

The LOVE magazine rack, inspired, of course, by Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture, was given to me by my close friend and former business partner Megan Alagna, who knew I loved 1) love, 2) that statue, and 3) magazines. I fill it with The Atlantic, Fast Company, INC, WIRED, and ELLE, of course.

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These Hunter boots-so cool in black on Kate Moss while trekking through the mud at summer music fests-look more like I'm jumping into puddles while singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." But I'm cool with that!

Pink Pedal (yes, I named my bicycle) is my single favorite possession, given to me by my friend, Dustin, who owns BeachBikes.com. Riding on the bike path north from Marina del Rey to Venice to Santa Monica, iTunes playing, soothes my soul. In fact, I loved it so much, I designed my very own pink & green beach cruiser, called The Watermelon!

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I just had to have this pink rubber duck when I saw it one day at Bath & Body Works. My friend Noelle Hancock, who grew up in the South and loves a good monogram, gave me the soap. I find this too pretty to use, so it just sits there, screaming: This is monogrammed! Use the liquid soap!

The sparkle ring I bought for myself as a 30th birthday present, and the Cara necklace I wore in all of the promotional posters for the show.

The pet placemat I bought when I was in London for my childhood friend Natasha Martin's wedding. I walked into Harrods, saw it, and knew I needed to bring it home for Lilly.