Love Korres' SPF 30 Sunscreen

Once a year, I-and all my fellow beauty editors from all the other magazines-spend a week in Boca Raton, FLA communing with executives of all ilks from various cosmetic companies. It is no one's favorite task; this year, temperatures plunged upon our arrival, rendering our carefully packed warm-weather outfits utterly ridiculous. Ridiculous or no, nobody packed anything else, so every meeting was a flurry of floral sundresses, strappy sandals, blue lips, and chattering teeth. It's hard to think of sunscreen when you're battling hypothermia, but the sun was in fact out, and I do claim to be a beauty editor. I fell in love with Korres' SPF 30, which smells like watermelon-pleasantly, not overwhemingly-and goes on like a dream. Best of all, it comes in a tiny size so you can take in your makeup bag and use it often, which is what you need with sunscreen, especially hands, because you're always washing them-that is, if they haven't frozen solid.

-Jean Godfrey-June, beauty director

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