Madonna Launching Shoe Line, but is She a Footwear Expert?

Gun heels, studded boots, and wedge sneakers are just some of Madonna's footwear faux pasGun heels, studded boots, and wedge sneakers are just some of Madonna's footwear faux pasAt 53 years old, Madonna proved she's still relevant by giving a thoroughly entertaining Superbowl halftime performance. "She's still got it!," we thought. Even if she was lip-syncing.

We weren't sure her recent Material Girl tween line would take off, but with the help of her teenage daughter Lourdes, it is a huge success. In fact, retailers are so confident in Madonna's ability to shill goods, she's now launching an entire lifestyle collection called Truth or Dare for even wider distribution. First up is the fragrance, (available for pre-order on Macy', which we admittedly are excited to try. We love a good celebrity perfume! But come fall Madonna will be launching an entire shoe collection.

According to Footwear News, the Truth or Dare shoe line will include 60-plus pairs of flats, heels, booties, and over-the-knee boots and will sell between $89 and $349. The "dance inspired" shoes are being produced by Aldo, and Madonna's stylist, Arianne Phillips, will serve as the brand's creative consultant. Her target demographic is women aged 27 to 50.

We have a few concerns.

1. Isn't it weird that her clothing line is being called "Truth or Dare" 21 years after she made the famous documentary with the same name?

2. Is Madonna really a shoe authority? Sure, she's worn a gazillion pairs in her lengthy pop career, but many of them (like the Chanel gun stilettos, studded PVC thigh-high boots, and wedge sneakers above) have been exceptionally weird or hideous.

3. How many women would seek out shoes because they were designed by Madonna? Or really, by Madonna's stylist?

4. Would these women be willing to pay up to $350 for them?

Madonna's new Truth or Dare shoes. Image courtesy of Footwear NewsMadonna's new Truth or Dare shoes. Image courtesy of Footwear NewsFootwear News got their hands on a few early shoe images (at left). Do any of them look like must-haves to you? They'll be available come fall at at Nordstrom, ASOS, Macy's, and Selfridge's.

Many celebrity clothing lines do well, but we often wonder what makes a celebrity an authority on fashion. Madonna has been a style icon over previous decades, but her fans who wore leather, lace, and O-bracelets in the '80s have grown up and matured. We hope her line will be sophisticated and original enough to make them stand apart from the dozens of other celebrity collections already flooding the market.

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