Make, remake, refurbish your fashion

So the thing is, no matter how many clothing resources you have, for everything from basics to trendier stuff, it can be hard to find a sense of unique, personal style as a plus-sized woman--you can mix it up with excellent accessories and fancy, fashionable shoes and creative layering. But you can take it even a step further, with some creativity and some basic, easy-to-learn handytime skills. It takes a little time and a little effort, but the end result is usually so worth it.

photo via my aim is true

How do you take the clothes you've got and make them fit right? Reconstruct them!

  • There's a whole book on clothing reconstruction--but these basic tips are what you need to start with.
  • You love your T-shirts, but they don't fit you as well as you'd like? Pledge allegiance to the sewing republic! They've got a video tutorial for cutting it down and making it you.
  • Best of all, is your number one source for tips, tutorials, ideas on not just refitting your clothes, but making them completely your own--embroider, appliqué, stencil, set them on fire. You've got an idea, or you're looking for one? Make it go.

The even bester way to find clothes to fit you as perfectly as possible? Sew them yourself, from beautiful, funky fabrics.

  • The A-line skirt is the very easiest thing to make. Sew Mad will hold your hand all the way through it, with this incredibly detailed and wonderfully thorough tutorial for drafting your own pattern, which is going to fit you perfectly. A little math for a lot of results.

In the end, if you haven't got the time or the patience, there is a glorious world full of incredibly talented people out there, waiting to create something in your size.

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