Make your high heels comfy with Dr. Scholl's For Her

Dr. Scholl's For Her has a new shoe insert, High Heels Insoles, $9.99, that claim to ease the pain caused by your favorite stilettos (yes, even the five-inchers that you swore felt like fuzzy slippers when you tried them on in the store). They have squiggly, squishy gel pads in the ball and heel of the foot, to cushion and take off some pressure.

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Our favorite part: the inserts are clear, so no one sees them and thinks you stuck odor-absorbers in your Louboutins. We tried them in our highest new Mary Janes and even after running around all day at the office, we kept standing painlessly when we went out for the evening.

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--Erin Flaherty

Photograph by David Cook for Allure

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