Make Your Makeup Last!

Q: "I wear foundation and concealer every day, but after one or two hours, it has worn off. How do I keep it looking great all day?"

A: Makeup has a tendency to vanish, but luckily, there are ways to prevent the disappearing act. To keep it looking fresh all day long, first apply a primer, like Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer to Go ($16, available at Sephora). Even though it may seem like an annoying extra step, a primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation that will keep your makeup from melting or rubbing off. Then, when you apply your concealer, set it with a translucent powder (try Jane Staying Powder Loose Powder in Colorless, $4, available at drugstores) by lightly dusting over your concealed areas with a brush. A powder helps to lock everything in place, and you can use the same powder over your foundation to keep your makeup looking fab all dayl.

-- Meredith, Assistant Beauty Editor

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.