Makeup for humid weather: how to keep your face on

Here in Arizona, it was a massive monsoon storm yesterday. Short, powerful and amazing! And after the rain comes a thick, sticky veil of humidity that no deoderant/anti-persperant can compete with, let alone your cosmetics! So how do you keep your face on during humid times? I would start with using a facial wash and tone for oily skin on these days so that the higher astringent level will help control oil. If you haven't been using a self tanner made for the face, now is the time to start if you are going to have more humidity. The challenge with humid weather is that the skin continues to be moist and it's hard for product to hug the skin. You can either use a thin layer of tinted moisturizer that if it moves won't be a big deal in your day, or, get the waterproof makeup, something that is designed for swimmers or sweater's. Second, use a stain on your lips and cheeks, there are so many choices in Sephora or Ulta these days when it comes to color. I recommend using a waterproof/water resistant eye liners and mascaras in humid weather so they don't run, and as you wipe and dab at the moisture on your face they have less chance of smudging. Try Makeup Forever, it's one of the best brands in waterproof with alot of color choices. Sue Devitt Studios makes amazing water resistant, botanical based mascara. For your eyeshadows, a good matte high pigmented shadow will cling to the skin even through humidity and your eyelids being moist from the weather. Eyebrows: I prefer a powder to draw on brows, but if you like pencil, use the waterproof! Lips, keep it sheer or tinted lip with sheer over it. Humidity happens! The storms that bring rain are so good for the vegetation and little critters and you can keep your beauty on with a few simple product changes. Enjoy!