Makeup Trend: Painting on Your Foundation

Liquid foundation is just so last season. These days, it's all about painting it on. Seriously! In an effort for creativity and perhaps more convenience and user friendly methods, beauty companies have been switching up their applicators to the latest new trend - painting. We tested three foundations that will have you tossing out your sponge in no time in exchange for one of these.

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L'Oreal True Match Roller

The concept:
L'Oreal created this unique roller applicator (think of a mini paint roller you use to paint your living room) to get more even coverage. Simply roll the applicator all over your face for a perfectly even, airbrushed look.

The verdict: The roller applicator is super easy to apply (and fun!). It's great for hard to reach corners of your face, like the bridge of your nose and your jawline. When rolling in the foundation, use a heavy hand, as we found it took a little bit of oomph to get the foundation onto the roller.

L'Oreal True Match Roller is available at Walgreens, $14.99.

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Napoleon Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation

The concept:
Skip the applicators all together and spray yourself to flawless skin. This aerosol foundation leaves your skin tone even, reducing fine lines all day.

The verdict: We admit, the thought of us spray painting ourselves kind of freaked us out a little bit, but the spray came out relatively light, without making it look like we just used our face as a canvas for graffiti. The formula does come out a little runny at first, so spray lightly and let dry completely before applying makeup over top. We also suggest a pre-foundation primer like NP Set Pre-Foundation Primer for a longer lasting finish.

Napoleon Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation is available at ULTA, $39.20.

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Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator

The concept:
Taking the term painting quite literally, the applicator is a soft bristled paint brush. Designed not only to cover up small blemishes, it brightens and enhances your skin tone.

The verdict: We thought getting the formula out would be difficult, but the opposite proved true. With an on/off swivel option, it was easy to gently squeeze the formula from the bottle to the brush. When we applied, it went on smooth and evenly with the help of the brush. Just be careful not to get too Picasso and go overboard squeezing the formula out or painting your face. This could have the potential to give you a Snooki bronzed look, which no one wants. Pair this with these steps for flawless skin.

Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator is available at Walmart, $10.97.

What's your favorite foundation to use? Have you tried any of these new applicators? Tell us your thoughts below!

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