Male breakup haircuts and beards

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesTabloids love to point out when recently split female celebs get "breakup haircuts." Supposedly Jennifer Love Hewitt just got her second new style since splitting with her ex, Jamie Kennedy. "I know everybody thinks it's a breakup haircut-but it's not," Love Hewitt told People last month. "It's just a 'I-need-a-change' haircut!" The actress continues, "my favorite headline so far was 'She Cut That Man Right Out of Her Hair.' But no-it was really just for me." Though we believe the actress, isn't it possible that she needs a change to move forward as newly single? The whole concept of a "breakup haircut," may be ridiculous, but if celebs are any example, their dramatic hair transformations do seem suspiciously timed. Perhaps they don't want to admit their new styles to be "breakup haircuts," so as to empower their ex, but actresses do seem to cut bangs, try a new length, or change their hair color after a breakup. But what about when it comes to dudes? Surely females aren't the only ones reinventing their newly single selves.

In TouchIn TouchFirst, let's look at Charlie Sheen. He's currently in the midst of another scandal after being caught cheating on his wife, Brooke Mueller with escort Angelina Tracy. The actor entered rehab to battle his ongoing substance abuse problems, and is currently facing a trial for domestic violence charges. How does a guy deal with a split that may potentially become one helluva messy divorce? Radar insists Sheen "pulled a Britney" and shaved his head. Today TMZ posted photo evidence of the newly buzzed star, saying, "Charlie put on his favorite pair of pajama bottoms and showed off his nearly chrome dome as he made a trip to the dentist Friday afternoon." Shaving off his luscious head of hair and wearing PJs out in public? We have to admit, that does sound a lot like when Britney Spears shaved her head after filling for divorce from Kevin Federline.

Tiger Woods already has a cropped 'do, but experts are speculating that he grew a new goatee to help him face the public after his highly publicized cheating scandal and breakup from his wife Elin. Ah, the broken man's beard. Marriage therapist Susan Stiffelman told StyleList that the new facial hair might be "an external way to announce he really is changing." Tiger Woods himself said, "When you live a life where you're lying all the time, life is not fun." Maybe life will be more fun now being honest, with a goatee.

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesLastly, let's not forget perhaps the most painful breakup of the year: Conan O'Brien's split with NBC. The network that nurtured his career on "Late Night" for 16 years and ensured his takeover of the "Tonight Show," turned on him when ratings faltered, forcing him to leave only seven months into his new contract. O'Brien spent the last few months taking his show on the road, shopping for a new show, and wouldn't you know it, growing a beard-the true sign of a man scorned. Thankfully O'Brien hasn't part with his signature poufy red hair, and he has a new contract to host a late-night program for TBS. Now let's hope he shaves off that yucky breakup beard on the rebound. [People][Radar][StyleList][In Touch]