Marie Bruns: "Real Jewelry for Real Women"

Marie Bruns is a finalist in the "Texas' Next Top Designer' competition. Looking over her collection, you'll see why she's a winner!
-PJ Gach,

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What is it about shiny baubles that just call to a woman? They stir her imagination and her heart.Marie Bruns, an Australian transplanted in Texas completely understands how women feel about jewelry. She told us one of the reasons why she became a jewelry designer was, "I just loved [jewelry] so much, I figured I had better learn how to make it if I wanted to afford some nice things."

It's her love that shines through in every piece she creates: whether it's a pair of earrings, stackable rings, or bangles that you want to create an arm party with, her items shine with attention to detail and delight the eye.

We got a chance to e-chat with her recently. We found out what it's like to see your work in national magazines, who she'd love to wear her jewelry on the red carpet and more!

BettyConfidential: You've been in InStyle, Health and Star magazines among others, as well as the Classy and Fabulous blog. How does it feel when you see your jewelry in print?

Marie Bruns: It is always thrill when you see your own items being featured. Sometimes I cannot believe it is real! It always makes me feel proud, that all my hard works pays off when one item gets chosen for a magazine or blog.

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BC: You're a finalist in Texas' Next Top Designer, congrats! What was your reaction when you found out?

MB: I was very excited to be chosen amongst such a talented group, and I made a great friend out of it too! They also happen to design jewelry.

BC:You're an Australian living in Texas; out of curiosity, how did you end up in the Long Horn State?

MB: I originally came to the states to finish up my graduate degree and just ended up staying here.

BC: Is the creative energy in Texas similar or different to where you lived in Australia?

MB: I would say that the creative energy in Houston is definitely on the rise. I also get my inspirations from all my travels over the world.

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BC: What was the first item that you ever created? Do you still have it?

MB: Yes it is a citrine cross necklace. I love it and even until today I still get compliments every time I wear it. I was really into crosses and several of my friends still like my vintage line, I only make them for friends now. It is a bit of a madonna-ish type look, but I still love it.

BC: What was it about jewelry that made you want to go into the field?

MB: I just loved it so much, I figured I had better learn how to make it if I wanted to afford some nice things.

BC: How did you learn your craft?

MB: Through my friends and just by doing it and sticking to it.

BC: What's the best and the worst thing about creating jewelry?

MB: Best thing is that you can make some amazing items, worst this it that you know you can make just about anything you see, so you feel like you need to constantly buy gemstones just to be sure you have enough on a result I hoard!

BC: You have a bridal collection, a collection for children and your main line. How did this all come about? Was there a special occasion or a special someone that inspired you to create a bridal item or a children's item?

MB: Well I suppose I got married and needed some items and then I had little girls and that was the inspiration for more items.....

BC: When you come up with an idea for a bracelet or another piece of jewelry, do you start with a sketch, or do you immediately start working with materials?

MB: I usually just start working with the materials; that has always been my style. I tried drawing things, but I could never stick to it.

BC: Do you have a favorite piece that you created? Or are they all your favorites?

MB: Yes I have several favorites, most of them are big necklaces. That is really my style or layered on pieces.

BC: How do you know when you're finished working on a design?

MB: I have a good sense of what I want to create when I start out, so I know what it needs to look like.

Talk about a statement bracelet!

BC: Do you ever dream about jewelry? If so, do you have a dream you'd like to share?

MB: Are you kidding! Of course, constantly! I was on vacation recently in Mexico and was dreaming about a vintage charm piece that I was working on. I was so excited about what it is going to look like, it always makes me happy.

BC: What or who inspires you? What gives you creative energy?

MB: I would not say that any one thing or one person inspires me, I love gemstones and pearls and really I get inspired by them. I have one friend who has great style; her name is Carolyn Farb and she is an icon here in Houston and godmother to my daughter. She has been my muse for my line. It always makes me so happy when she wears my pieces for her Christmas cards or photos. Recently she wore about 10 of my necklaces for one photo and she looked amazing. I would never have imagined to combine them in that way, but she did and the look was outstanding.

BC: "Real Jewelry for Real Women" is your tag line/motto. How did you decide on using it?

MB: I got really sick or seeing all this fake stuff out there. I know that women want to wear nice things and believe in wearing real items. Then I thought rather than create items for the model that really does not exist, I would create items for real women to wear.

BC: If someone wanted to go into a creative field, what one piece of advice would you give them?

MB: Make sure you also learn the business too! It is not enough to be creative and be successful. You need to also really understand the business behind it.

BC: Do you have a favorite stone that you like to work with?

MB: Yes absolutely. I love, love, love the color of Peruvian is this deep blue that just looks amazing! The color lights you up and it has the same color gradient as turquoise but appears to have a luminescent tinge to it.

BC: How would you describe your jewelry?

MB: Jewelry that's very wearable and can help you create a jewelry wardrobe.

BC: Do any of the pieces you've created have a story--were they inspired by friends or family? MB: Yes, I certainly do have pieces that were created by stories, mostly from friends who have inspired me along the way.

BC: Is there any celebrity in the entire world who you'd love to wear your things?

MB: Great question! I have always loved Nicole Kidman, probably because she lives in the USA and is Australian.

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PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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