Married in Pants? I Do!

Yes, they're pants. And yes, they're fabulous (Photo by Getty Images)Once regarded as the dowdy uniform for mothers of the bride or women trying to conceal a few extra pounds, the all-white pants suit is now proudly marching its way to the altar.

Yup, we're seeing bridal pantsuits on the runways—in April, designer Carolina Herrera debuted her version at her Spring 2013 bridal collection. And recently both bridal designers Yuki Katsura and Cymbeline sent their models down the runway wearing spanking white pantsuits. For women with (very) deep pockets, Valentino sells a $9,500 white embroidered jumpsuit and Oscar de la Renta and Remy sell equally fabulous versions. On Pinterest, you'll find boards for off-the-shoulder wedding suit tops, stomach-baring pantsuits, and tuxedo jackets that you can use to inspire more affordable versions. And if you can't decide between a traditional gown and a pantsuit, well, who says you can't wear both? Pronuptia sells "wedding pantsuit dress-trouser gowns." And yes, that's exactly what it sounds like.

Are we abandoning the frou-frou princess gowns? Not quite. As long as reality shows such as "The Bachelor" are still around, we'll see our share of fair princesses. But as the notion of marriage is drastically evolving—Lots of kids! No kids! Long-distance marriage! Open marriage! Gay marriage! so are our fashion choices. And when it comes to her wedding day attire, a modern-day bride has tons of them.

So the bridal pants suit, a gender-bending equalizer between the girly gown and stiff tuxedo and a crafty solution for women who don't love dresses, may be here to stay.