Mary-Kate Olsen Wears Silly Bandz! Have You Ever Been Obsessed By A Trend Intended For Kids?

Summer's hottest accessory isn't a $500 shoe, a $1,200 handbag, or even a $29.99 straw hat. It's a set of bracelets that sell for about 16 cents each, and even serious trendsetters like Mary-Kate Olsen are getting in on the action...

You may have spotted Silly Bandz, the rubber bracelets that come in a gajillion different shapes and are this season's ultimate symbol of BFF-hood, on the grade schoolers at your local mall. But a reporter went on a resort appointment for The Row, the line of uber-luxe basics designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and spotted one half of the chic duo wearing some Silly Bandz of her own!

I always knew the Olsen twins were total trendoids, but I wouldn't have guessed that Mary-Kate's love of fads would extend to a trend intended for little kids! Have any of you ladies become infatuated with Silly Bandz, too? Do you get their appeal, or are you kinda baffled? (I have to admit, they remind me of my own elementary school obsessions with slap bracelets and banana clips!).

Will you be wearing this one any time soon? Share!


Photo Credit: WWD/Steve Eichner