Meet Eva and Adele: You're Welcome.

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At Art Basel Miami in 2008.-
At Art Basel Miami in 2008.
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:49 PM EDT
What you missed by not going to Art Basel, Miami. Who knew? (Photo by Uri Schanker/Getty Images) What you missed by not going to Art Basel, Miami. Who knew? (Photo by Uri Schanker/Getty …What's with all the hoopla about Art Basel? It's been four days since the international art festival ended in Miami and it's still generating celebrity news: Susan Sarandon and her ping-pong fling. Super-rich Yankee likes art, Real Houswife. Doesn't look like we missed to much... or so I thought, until I found this photo!

Meet Eva and Adele, the "Hermaphrodite Twins from the Future." No really, that's their self-description. They consider themselves "living art" ever since they wed in '91. "Achieving international recognition and acclaim, the Artists appear at museum openings and major art expositions arrayed in identical dazzling feminine costumes, shaved heads and glittering make-up, fusing together art and life and challenging our ideas about art, gender and sexual identity," according to the Claire Oliver Gallery."With a powerful and confrontational message, Eva and Adele defy the conventional description of what an artist is,"

Thanks, but I don't need no theoretical description of why Eva and Adele are awesome. I have eyes.

Check out more photos of the gals below....

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