Megan Fox probably faked her 'no-Botox' photos. That's just sad.

Megan Fox proves she hasn't had Botox? Not if this photo is fake.Megan FoxLast week, in an effort to dispel tabloid rumors that she'd become addicted to the facial injectable Botox, 'Transformers' actress Megan Fox shared a series of photos on her Facebook page under the rather forceful title: "THINGS YOU CAN'T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX."

Though Fox was widely praised for posting the pics, (which show her in an array of wrinkly scowls and frowns), and for "standing up for herself" turns out her heroic internet defense may have been a weirdly elaborate lie.

In an article posted yesterday in the OC Register, more than half a dozen cosmetic surgeons from around the country questioned the authenticity of the photos.

"Looks like Megan is just as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment," [ed note: Oh, SNAP!] plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia told the paper. "Those lines on her forehead are totally fake. … Muscles in the forehead and brow simply don't create curved wrinkles like that. The wrinkles Megan is showing us don't coincide with brow anatomy, nor do they match the facial expression she is making."

Dermatologist Dr. Vince Afsahi explained it thusly: "Anatomically it does not make sense."

Other docs weighed in that the pics "look bogus" and "odd" and, at best, one dermatologist suggested that Fox's face crinkled up look appeared as if the effects of Botox were beginning to wear off.

The whole stupid, sad situation brings to mind lots of deep, fascinating questions, like:
Is Botox still so taboo that the millions of waxy-faced women who use it have to hide their secret anti-aging love away?
Would anyone care if Megan Fox was like "Hell, yeah, I use Botox and I think I look better after I do?"
Does anyone care anymore about Megan Fox?
Is 'Botox-gate' the reason Armani just ditched Fox as its spokesmodel and hired Rihanna?
And last, and most importantly: Why isn't Brian Austin Green hanging out with his wife more often so she doesn't have a zillion hours of time on her hands to create and put up fake internet pictures of her fake wrinkles? For shame, David Silver. For shame!

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