Men’s Fashions That Women Hate

There are plenty of things we love about men, but sometimes the way they dress leaves us wishing we'd worn our oversized sunglasses while out in public together. Men always seem to have opinions about what we wear, so here's our turn to sound off! Read on to find out the things men wear that women truly can't stand!

1. Socks with sandals
Kevin Federline, we're talking to you-socks should never be worn with sandals! And heaven forbid your man is simultaneously wearing shorts. If you're going to keep your socks on, throw on some sneakers. If you have to wear sandals, take the socks off!

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2. Manpris
Capris and cropped pants look great on women. They showcase our slim ankles, lithe legs and super-cute shoes. But on men? They're just wrong. Either wear pants or shorts, don't go in between! Why would a real man wear such a feminine cut? It's beyond us.

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3. Deep V-Neck T-Shirts
We love a classy V-neck shirt on a guy, but some men take it too far. We don't care how nice your pecs are, nobody wants to see your cleavage!

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4. Board Shorts Worn as Regular Shorts
Why is it that men think they can wear their beach attire as normal clothes? Women don't run around in bikinis while buying groceries, going to the doctor, or picking up their kids from school! Reserve your board shorts for the beach or pool and put on some real pants otherwise.
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5. Pinky Rings
If you're not a coke dealer or a mob boss, you have no reason to be wearing a pinky ring. (And if you are, you might want to get out of the '80s. and into the new millennium.) The same goes for long finger nails (eeeewwww). Keep your fingers well manicured and unadorned and you'll do fine by us.

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