Men’s worst fashion crimes: seeking submissions!

Photo by: Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy and other blaring labels-
Ed Hardy is a fashion red flag for ladies to run in the opposite direction. Think: Jon Gosselin and "The Situation."
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:04 PM EDT
A recent British poll conducted by online fashion store surveyed thousands of women on the worst fashions for guys. As reported by The Daily Express, those polled declared Hawaiian shirts the worst men's item of all time, followed by high-waistband pants (like the ones Simon Cowell tends to favor). Socks with sandals also made the list, as did white socks with nice shoes. They also said they hated when guys tried to dress too trendy or too young for their age. Over 40% of the ladies questioned also admitted that they do 100% of the shopping for the men in their lives to avoid embarrassing fashion moments. Better safe than sorry!

While we feel these results do resonate stateside, we decided to make our own poll to find out what Shine readers felt was the worst fashion crime made by men. Browse through our slideshow of what we consider some of the biggest offenders. Please vote on what you feel is the absolute worst choice. We couldn't possibly include them all, so please share your write-in votes in the comments along with any additional thoughts you have. We will be tallying up the votes along with reader comments and posting the final results next week.

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