Michelle Obama: The first 100 days of mighty fine fashion (well, maybe more like 90...)

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January 20-
Her now iconic (love it or hate it) inaugural outfit by Isabel Toledo.
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:09 PM EDT

Perhaps you've noticed, but we here at Shine Fashion and Beauty are a bit obsessed with Michelle Obama. In the 100 days since her husband took office, we've critiqued her magazine covers (both the good and the very bad), speculated about what she'd wear to the inauguration, and then, when the day finally arrived, we blogged about it straight for 12 hours. We've pondered her relationship with her arms and with black designers, scrutinized her European fashion extravaganza, and even once wrote about her rear (though we don't think we'd do that again. Sigh).

It turns out we're not at all alone in our obsession: Michelle Obama is enjoying the highest approval ratings of any incoming first lady since 1980. Though many people have complained that she has yet to flex her substantial intellectual muscles, I'd say it's been comforting to see Mrs. Obama as the first mom-planting gardens, playing with her kids, walking the first dog, always looking hopeful, optimistic, and like she's having fun. The country could certainly use some nurturing right now, and so perhaps it's OK to allow our warm, approachable, relatable (and, yes, stylish) first lady to, temporarily at least, soothe the national soul.

Oh, and also? It's fun to look at her outfits.