Miley Cyrus is a Shiny Alien in Her New Music Video

by Casey Lewis

Courtesy of Epic RecordsCourtesy of Epic Records
That settles it: Miley Cyrus is from outer space. No wonder she's managed to take over the world as the most buzzed-about pop star since ever! Orrrr she's just in costume for her latest music video, "Real & True," a collab with rapper Future that was released on MTV before last night's EMAs.

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The song is basically about a fairy tale romance of sorts that can, as the lyrics go, "make it through the test of time" and "the cold depths of space." So, obviously, the video takes place in outerspace. And, appropriately, Miley dons a sparkly intergalactic get-up (which, upon close inspection, may or may not be nothing more than silver body glitter).

By the way, though the two do sing about everlasting love (with a little help from British singer and frequent hip-hop collaborator Mr. Hudson), they're not opening up about a secret romance or anything like that. Future, who also guested on "My Darlin'" from Bangerz, is actually engaged to Ciara. So no funny business here!

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This isn't the first insta-hit collab Miley's churned out recently. In fact, over the last few months, she's quickly established herself as the music industry's go-to hook songstress. Before "Real & True," she lent her voice to Mike Will Made It on his rap anthem "23" and Will I Am's new party-ready jam "Fall Down." One thing's for sure: Miley can't be stopped.

Watch the teaser here, then pop on over to for the whole thing. But head's up: There are a few bleepable words, and like we mentioned, she's wearing more paint than clothes!

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