Miley Released Some Seriously Head-Turning New Cover Art for Her "Adore You" Remix—Look and Listen Here!

by Casey Lewis

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
When Miley Cyrus decided she wanted to remix "Adore You," reaching out to Cedric Gervais-one of the most in-demand EDM DJs on Planet Earth-was a no-brainer. The dude has a reputation for turning songs into hits (see: "Summertime Sadness" by Lana del Rey, "Molly" by Tyga), and if that song is already a hit? Then he turns it into bona-fide gold. So he added his magic touch to the already awesome "Adore You," and the result is a flawless bass-heavy dance-ready track that's basically a surefire radio smash.

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But in addition to merely giving her approval for the remix, Miley just released brand-new cover art (and a recut music video, for good measure!). Both are, it goes without saying, a little racy. If you've seen the original "Adore You" music video, neither will make your blush. (If you have not or just need a refresher, here's what you need to know: the music video stars Miley and a bunch of bedsheets, and there is nary a piece of clothing in sight. It's not R-rated, exactly, but if music videos came with TV show-style warnings, viewer discretion would be advised.)

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Same goes for this new cover art, on which she dons a black blunt-banged wig, a smear of lipstick, and-you guessed it!-literally nothing else. While the pic is a little scandalous, the remix is totally safe for school, though it might cause a spontaneous dance party. Play with caution.

See the cover art in all its glory, press play on the remix here.

Courtesy of Miley Cyrus via TwitterCourtesy of Miley Cyrus via Twitter

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