Money-scented perfume makes you smell like a million bucks

Money cologne and eau de parfum are packed in real shredded money.Money cologne and eau de parfum are packed in real shredded money.Ah, money. The sweet smell of success. In your wallet, that is... but do you know anyone that would really want to SMELL like money? Aside from maybe Diddy?

Money is now a his and hers fragrance bursting with the crisp scent of freshly minted bills and individually packed in real shredded US dollar bills (how can they legally do this?). The male version is "a bold fusion of fresh ocean breezes and bright citrus notes are joined by rosemary, grass, and precious woods." The female scent offers "vibrant pink grapefruit and mandarin, joined by freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flower, and a soft hint of melon."

We haven't actually smelled these yet ourselves, but the cost of smelling like a million bucks is only $35 for 1.7 oz, so if you're intrigued buy some today at

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