Move over, Danielle Staub. Britney Spears has some real hair problems!

Fame Pictures via OMGFame Pictures via OMGPoor Britney. She's overcome nearly every bad situation from her past except those awful hair extensions. We've seen the tracks of her weave in the past, but nothing as awful as this before.

Danielle Staub of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" pressed charges when teenager Ashley Holmes ripped out a clump of her hair extensions, but Staub ought to take a look at this photo to know what true horror is.

Britney, God bless her, seems to have really gotten her life back on track with a popular tour last year and regaining custody of her kids. But why can't she take some of her hard-earned millions and get herself some hair?! We're starting to understand her frustration in shaving it all off in the first place. [OMG]